Portrait Parties -- Special pricing just for parties is now available.

What is a portrait party?
Much like other home parties that you are probably already familiar with, the home portrait party allows a hostess to invite friends to her home (or a specified outdoor location) for a party. During that party, each guest will be assigned a 15 minute mini session (with NO session fees!). This time can be used for individual shots or small group shots (such as two siblings together, mom and baby, an engaged couple, etc.). The hostess can decide if she would like all of the guests to stay for the entire party or to just come and go around the times of their scheduled session.

A portrait party requires at least six families to be signed up. If more than 15 families want to sign up, please discuss this with Aundrea ahead of time. You will need to provide an address list for invitations at least four weeks prior to your party.

If you would like to host a portrait party, please be aware that Aundrea typically does not schedule more than two portrait parties per month. If you are interested in a portrait party, it is important to schedule these early. They must be scheduled at least one month prior to your desired date, unless other special arrangements have been made with Aundrea.

How are the sessions and party scheduled?
Parties are typically on weekends, but may be able to be scheduled during the week. Every hour should have four sessions during it, each scheduled 15 minutes apart. (For example, there might be one at 1 pm, 1:15 pm, 1:30pm and 1:45 pm.) The first spot should typically be reserved for you and your children. You are able to give your guests some choice for the portrait times, but there may not be any open slots in the party time. If open time slots occur, you will need to call some guests back to reorganize when they will be coming.

I will arrive approximately one hour before the party is to begin. At this time, I will set up my portrait area. For our mini sessions, there will be one backdrop available, which will typically be a white backdrop. Clothing changes are not permitted during mini sessions. If clothing changes are desired by guests, you may suggest that they might want to schedule a private portrait session or host their own portrait party later. For the hostess and her children, one mini session will be done in a particular set of clothing. If she then wishes to change their clothes for when I take portraits later, this is welcomed!

How does it benefit me to hostess a portrait party?
The party hostess will need to make an invite list, schedule the appointment times, collect orders and money, and deliver orders to guests. (Please note: proofs will be available for online viewing, so you will not need to be responsible for proofs.)

However...for all of this, the hostess is able to earn free portraits based on sales from her party! The hostess will be able to use a credit that is equal to 25% of the party sales (before sales tax). It is very possible for the hostess to earn all of the prints that she was hoping for free of charge!  Also, for every guest from your party that books a home portrait party within the ordering period time frame, the hostess will receive an additional free sheet.

Another benefit of being the hostess is that I will photograph you and your children first, and then I will also photograph your children throughout the party when time allows. This will allow you more portrait choices than your guests receive.

How are proofs viewed?
Proofs will be available to be viewed online. The proofs will only be online for one week. Because of this, all orders must be submitted to the hostess 8 days after the proofs have become available online. I will expect orders to be submitted from the hostess to me by the ninth day after proofs have become available online. If orders are submitted after this point, the totals from those late orders will not go toward the hostess credit.

What happens after the prints have arrived?
Aundrea will deliver all of the orders to the party hostess. It is then her responsibility to arrange delivery/pick up with her guests.

Can portrait parties be used as a fundraiser for my organization?

Please contact Aundrea to talk about the possibility of holding a portrait party as a fundraiser for your Organization, such as a MOPS, MOMS Club, your Daycare, etc.


What is the pricing for portrait parties?

Portrait sheets will be available at reduced pricing for portrait parties.  Sheets will be $10.00 each.  Each sheet contains either 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 3-4x6, 4-3.5x5 or 8-wallets.  Larger prints are available as well.

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