Session Fees

I offer three types of sessions

1 - One hour session at the location of your choice.  The session fee for this session is $75 in the greater Baton Rouge area (outside the Greater BR area add $25 for each hour drive time).  This session comes with 8 - 5x7 prints.  This can be outdoor or studio shots.

2 -  Full studio session at my home.  This session will last 1 -2 hours.  The session fee for this session is $50 and comes with 8-5x7 prints.  

3 - Mini sessions done on scheduled days.  I offer many mini session days throughout the year.  I usually have at least one a month.  I pick the location and schedule sessions every thirty minutes.  You must be on time and ready to take your portraits at this time.  Session fees for this is $50 with 4 complimentary 5x7s from your session (you pick).  Check the calendar for the next mini session close to you.

PLEASE NOTE:  Session fees are due at the time of booking your session.


After you session, Aundrea will take the files and prepare them for your viewing.  This will take approximately one week.  At this time you will receive an email from Aundrea Flynn Photography with a link to your online album. This will allow you to be able to share your proofs with family and friends, in order to aid in ordering and portrait selections. This is a nice option that allows you to view your proofs and order from the comfort of your home. Proofs will only remain online for three weeks after your session date or two weeks after going live. 

If you do not have access to a computer or to the Internet and would like proofs to look at in person, we can arrange a time to look through actual print proofs. There is an additional $20 charge for this service, and proofs will be available for purchase from this album.  Please note: orders from this session will need to be placed at the time of the proofing session.

Aundrea Flynn Photography can accept cash, personal checks, money orders, and credit cards (through Full session payment is required when you book your session. Full payment for orders is required before orders are printed.

Once you have decided what you would like to order, there are three ways to order your prints.  You can 1) email Aundrea your order, 2) call Aundrea with your order or 3) mail your order to Aundrea. 

Print Prices

PLEASE NOTE:  I have lowered my prices and no discounts will be taken as of August 1, 2010.

Wall Art Portraits
20x24 ($75)
16x20 ($50)
11x14 ($35)
8x12 ($15)

Gift Portaits
8x10 ($11)

Desk Portraits
5x7 ($6)
4x6 ($4)

Wallets (8 of one image) ($10)

Wallets (16 of one image) ($18)

Wallets (32 of one image) ($34)

Wallets (64 of one image) ($66)

Mounted Collages – all collages are custom designed, 2 image changes may be made at photographer’s discretion
10 x 20 – up to 5 images – ($85)
10 x 30 – up to 6 images – ($115)
15 x 30 – up to 5 images – ($135)
20 x 20 - ($150)
Desktop easel boards – 4 x 10 – may be ordered as an add-on – 2 boards for $57

A session album with proofs (20-30) is available for purchase after a $250 order or will be a complimentary gift with a $500 order.

 Gallery Wrapped Canvas Pricing:

With these gorgeous portraits, your prints are printed onto canvas and then stretched and wrapped onto a wooden frame

8 x 10: $125.00                     20x20    $240.00
12 x 12: $145.00                    20x24    $280.00
11 x 14: $150.00                    20x30    $325.00
16 x 16: $170.00                    30x30     $350.00
16 x 20: $175.00

Other sizes of canvas are available upon request

Multiple Prints of the Same Pose
(Perfect for use with announcements or holiday greetings. These prices are for multiples of the same pose for 4x6 or 4x5 prints):
25 - 49: $2.00 per print  50 - 99: $1.75 per print  100+: $1.50 per print

Photo Greeting Cards:
Photo greeting cards can be created for holidays, birth announcements, invitations, and more! Photo cards must be ordered in increments of five, with a minimum order of 25 cards. All cards include envelopes.
25 - 45 cards: $1.50 per card
50 - 95 cards: $1.25 per card
100+ cards: $1.00 per card

Please Note: Louisiana sales tax will be added to all purchases from aaf Photography.  Prices are subject to change without prior notification. However, when you book a session, you lock in the print pricing that is in place as of the date of your scheduling. Due to the highly personalized nature of these products, all sales are final.

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