Session Information

What to expect

Each session is done at the location of your choice.  So you pick the time and the place.  We can meet at your home, a local park, near LSU lakes, or even  on the levee overlooking the Mississippi River.  There are many great locations in and around Baton Rouge.   You can expect your session to last anywhere from 1-2 hours.  It all depends on the subject.  I want your family to be as comfortable as possible.  I come to you and try to work with in your children’s comfort zone.  I may ask you to step back and let me get to know them.  I may lead them the playground so they can play while I shoot.  I try to capture life as it happens.  I will take a few “posed” portraits sure but for the most part they are unposed and just capture life.

If you have any special props you would like you can bring those with you.  If we are at your home, we can use whatever is available. 

I have a portable studio available if you want a more formal look.  Just ask me to bring it with me when I come.

What to wear

For families and large groups – go with the classics, denim, khaki, solid colored tops.  It is better to not use patterns as with large groups it gets too busy.

For single children – go with their style.  Pick some of their favorite outfits or yours.  Bring your child’s favorite princess dress or his old beaten up overalls if that is what they like to wear best.  Childhood passes so quickly and needs to be captured as it happens.  So let them be themselves.  Bring the classics as well for those classic portraits but bring the fun as well.

Children's bare feet are always welcome!

For newborns/infants – I often do portraits in just a diaper or in nothing at all.  If you would like to do some of these portraits with your infant, please make sure that they are not wearing tight clothing beforehand or we might be able to see marks from the clothing in the portraits.

For mothers-to-be – I suggest classic black, khaki, or denim pants paired with a white men's dress shirt or white tank top look good. Whatever you may decide on, keep in mind that you are showing off your beautiful belly, in order to document the growth of the miracle inside of you.

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